Art practice

Simon’s most recent work uses the technology of Procreate app on iPad to make work combining old family images together with personal photographs. Once complete these are transferred to Photoshop where they are tidied up and printed in reverse onto Lithographic Transfer paper using a standard inkjet printer. Often the image is tiled and printed out on several sheets to facilitate larger images. These transfers are then physically rubbed down onto high quality paper using water to release the ink from the gum Arabic coating. The combination of unequal wetting of the transfer together with the physicality of the rubbing gives the surface a rich patina while also embedding the image firmly into the surface of the paper.

Following a major trauma in his life Simon has turned inward to question his own identity; his own story. These images represent the artist looking at who he is, but Simon is also interested in who we are as a community and has engaged this process with others for them to re-picture themselves as individuals and communities in a similar way. This process has offered an opportunity for intergenerational portrait mash-ups where the individual face becomes just a part of the many faces of the community. Commissioned portraits have given individual buyers an opportunity to see themselves in a whole new way.




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