Teaching artists as leaders, Playeum Artist Gathering and Launch of new space, Playeum, Singapore July 2015

 ArtPlay, the Theory and Practice – based on ArtPlay’s Bright Orange Door (ARC research project report), Korean Arts and Educations Services (KACES) teaching artists 33rd International workshop program, Seoul, October 2014

ArtPlay and teaching artists, Engaging with Quality – 2 day event for teaching Artists, Melbourne July 2014

Engaging artists at ArtPlay, International Conference of Teaching Artists 2, Brisbane July 2014

Making images on IPad, Video teaching presentation, Seoul University of Technology


Mapping Engagement at ArtPlay. PlaySpace – without borders Conference. September 2013 Leeds, Leeds Council, UK

ArtPlay, an example of utilising arts and culture educational spaces, UNESCO Asia Pacific Arts and Culture Research Symposium, Seoul, Korea, October 2013

Realising the potential of artist-child learning encounters: A multi-dimensional narrative. Worlds Together Conference at Tate Modern, TATE Modern, London , UK, September 2013

Behind ArtPlay’s Bright Orange Door, City of Melbourne Children’s Forum, June 2013

ArtPlay – learning from research, Presentation to Danish Arts Agency, Copenhagen, Denmark 2013

Behind ArtPlay’s Bright Orange Door, International teaching Artist Conference 1, Oslo, Norway, July 2012

Engaging Children and Families in the Arts, Creative Connections in the Early Years: Statewide Forum, 2012, Launceston, Tasmania

The Story of ArtPlay – defining creative spaces, Presentation to Tate Modern education team, July 2012

Getting Engaged: Engaging children and families in the arts, Awesome 2011 International Arts Festival for Bright Young Things. Perth, November 2011

ArtPlay – engaging artists, Playeum Teaching Artists, Singapore, July 2011

What is engaging for children and families and how do you know? Come Out Children’s Festival. Delegate Forum. April, 2011, Adelaide

Researching ArtPlay: Learning about, with and for young people, Changing Habitats. Are children and young people democratizing culture? Young People and the Arts National Symposium, Brisbane, June 2010

ArtPlay – why engaging artists works, An Arts Council National Symposium, Arts Council of Ireland, Dublin, September 2010

ArtPlay – a model for a child arts creative space, Playeum Arts Symposium, Singapore 2010

ArtPlay, engaging child audiences in Melbourne, IMAGINATE International Childrens Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland 2010

ArtPlay – the story, Teaching artist event at Kulturprinsen, Aarhus, Denmark, 2010

Engaging Artists: profiling artists who work with children, Creative Connections in the Early Years: Statewide Forum, Launceston, Tasmania , 2012

What sparks engagement? Interpreting children’s engagement in artist-led programs at ArtPlay. Vision to Reality Conference, Queensland Studies Authority. Brisbane, April 2011

Mapping Children’s Engagement, Learning and Cultural Citizenship in Art Play. 17th International Conference on Learning. Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong, July 2010

Mapping children’s engagement, learning and cultural citizenship at ArtPlay. Artistic and Creative Education Colloquium, University of Melbourne, Parkvile, October 2010

ArtPlay, Young People And the Arts (YPAA) workshop, Centre for Australian Democracy – Old Parliament House, Canberra 2009

Previous to 2004 (when I moved to Australia) I presented at events in Australia, Belfast and Dublin in Ireland, and Chicago in USA.

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