THIRD INTERNATIONAL TEACHING ARTIST CONFERENCE, EDINBURGH: Presentation to the conference on building a holistic arts practice for Teaching Artists August 2016

AIR3331, TOKYO: Nine day residency with Victoria Ryle – a focus on making books and connecting with Japanese producers April 2016

BUNDANON TRUST, NSW: Ten-day practice residency, September 2015 including 2 schools workshops and studio visits.

DRAWING BOOKS: INCHEON AND JONJU, KOREA – residency program with Korean Arts and Educations Services (KACES) as part of teaching artists 33rd International workshop program, Seoul, October 2014

 BUNDANON TRUST, NSW: Three-week practice residency, July 2014 including 4 schools workshops

TEACHING ARTIST SHOWCASE RESIDENCY INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF TEACHING ARTISTS, BRISBANE July 2014 selected as one of six international best-practice artists to demonstrate workshop activity

SELFIES: SOLO EXHIBITION, CHAPMAN AND BAILEY GALLERY,MELBOURNE – this exhibition was the outcome of the Bundanon residency and featured a series of portraits created on Ipad and presented as hand-made prints on paper.

 BUNDANON TRUST, NSW: Two-week residency, July 2013 including 4 schools workshops Video of 2013 residency here: including DIGITAL DILEMMAS – weekend professional development for artists see:

 19119: SOLO EXHIBITION, CITY LIBRARY, MELBOURNE – this exhibition featured recent digital works created using iPad

 BUNDANON TRUST, NSW: Two-week residency, July 2012 including 4 schools workshops

 BOOK PUBLISHING PROJECT; EAST TIMOR: 2011 – short residency originating with children and publishing first books in Tetun and Fataloukou

 AVOCA PROJECT, Victoria 2008 Initiated and curated BIG DRAW project at Avoca See: Worked with Lyndal Jones to create public event engaging children and families with over ten professional artists engaged in making drawings.

ROADS TO NOWHERE: SOLO EXHIBITION – 2004 – start Gallery, Collingwood:

An exhibition of medium format prints made using small handprinted linocut elements.

OPENING COMMUNITY ARTS PROGRAM AT ACMI, MELBOURNE -SCREENS AND SCREAMS2002 commission to produce a multimedia production programme with 300 children. in Melbourne, Australia.

CR.E.A.T.E IRELAND– Creativity and Exchange through Arts and Technology in Education
, 2002-2005 professional development program for artists and teachers to work together to plan, develop and deliver innovative arts and new technologies programmes to children in schools and community settings.

SIGHTINGS, IRELAND – 2002-2003 an action research project investigating community youth arts and the Internet. This project will place five artists in small rural community arts centres and youth clubs to explore uses of the Internet for creativity and exchange.

ARK.IE Founder and Creative Director of ark.ie2002: I initiated the concept of an Ark on the Internet – enabling children across the country to access the resources programmes of the Dublin based centre.

BOX HEDGE SOLO EXHIBITION: MODEL ART GALLERY, IRELAND 2001: Over three days a group of young people screen printed images onto pre-made boxes. Over 50 children were involved in making the temporary piece and after the exhibition closed each took their boxes home.

REPRESENTATION FOR IRELAND AT EXPO 2000 – commission to construct a children’s interactive multimedia presentation for the Irish pavilion for Expo 2000 in Germany. Over six months I employed a small team of programmers to work in several schools across Ireland to construct a multimedia presentation for touch-screens in the Irish Pavilion in Hanover.

MASSACHUSETS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY: PLAYFUL INVENTION AND EXPLORATIONS WORKSHOPS, USA: 2000 took part in collaborative and exploratory lego mindstorms play and research project

FIGURING OUT THE STORY THE ARK, DUBLIN: July 2000: – A week long programme for children making small figures from paper and foil culminating in an installation in The Ark.

MAKE A BOOK IN A WEEK THE ARK, DUBLIN: July 2001: – A one week programme for children to publish a hand printed limited edition book.

ISLAND – CULTURAL MUSIC EXCHANGE, IRELAND: 1999 – 2000 – Project Manager for the Department of Education National Council for Technology in Education with The Kennedy Centre, Washington, DC. This was a one-year project involving a real exchange of teachers from Washington, Derry, Northern Ireland, and Dublin together with online exchange of ideas and music.

MULTIMEDIA MAPS, IRISH MUSEUM OF MODERN ART – 1999-2002 – This project explored the possibilities for using new technologies in the classroom for creativity and exchangeby engaging professional artist in a classroom context.

THE FLOWER GARDEN, SOLO INSTALLATION AND ACTION – IRISH MUSEUM OF MODERN ART 1998: Simple flowers were screen printed with children onto pre-cut card. The flowers were decorated with words written and cut out by children. The event was to mark the inaugural conference of the Children’s Rights Alliance at The Irish Museum of Modern Art.

TEMPLE BAR INTERNATIONAL TOURING PRINT SHOW, DUBLIN, GROUP EXHIBITION- 1998 Installation of two large-scale digital prints in a public setting in central Dublin. The two digital prints were paired with a series of large charcoal drawings of children’s toys made at the same time.

DRAWING THE STORY THE ARK, DUBLIN: Summer 1998: – 450 children in the construction of a huge wall drawing during the summer 1998.

RUMPUS, DUBLIN 1998 – a summer multimedia programme for kids at ARTHOUSE in Dublin. For the first time in Dublin’s Multimedia Arthouse I brought together a group of young people to create a multilayered story on the web.

NOTHING BUT FLOWERS, DUN LAOGHAIRE TOWN HALL, DUBLIN: 1998 1200 sheets of pre-cut card were screen printed and then transformed into petals with public participation over ten days.

TRAILS IN TIME -1998 – first prize and highly commended in four of the National Council for Educational Technology Multimedia Awards

DANCING WIRES THE ARK, DUBLIN: October 1998: – Based around the Mexican Day of the Dead over 150 children helped to construct a mobile made of skeletons.

CHANGING PAGES THE ARK, DUBLIN: November – December 1997: – Over 1700 children were given an insight into publishing and books.

GOLDEN LEAVES, TEMPLE BAR INTERNATIONAL STREET ART SYMPOSIUM, DUBLIN: 1997 Over 1000 leaves were hand printed and then distributed onto Temple Bar Square over the ten days of the exhibition.

ALPHA: THE ARK, DUBLIN: October 1996 – February 1997: – an introduction to print for children aged 4 – 12.

MAKING GIFS – Gallery 37 – a web design programme for unemployed teenagers in South London. 1996-7 Instrumental in bringing the Chicago based programme Gallery 37 to London, I initiated and ran workshops over two summers in web design and construction at The Institute of Contemporary Arts, London and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, USA.

MULITMEDIA AWARD 1995-6: Highly Commended for National Council for Education and Technology Multimedia awards for “BE SASSY BE SUSSED!” CD ROM on drugs prevention with a group of teenage girls in East London.

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE PROGRAMS Engaged thousands of children in creative arts practice and published over 30 books by children by designing and delivering over 50 artist-in-residence programs in UK, Ireland, Sweden, USA.

Initiated, designed and delivered numerous arts programs with creative partners Urban Gateways, Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education and Gallery 37 in Chicago

(Director of ORANGEBOX EDITIONS, LONDON , Creative Designer, Artist 1984 – 1996)

BY KIDS, FOR KIDS” THE HACKNEY SCHOOLS PUBLISHING PROJECT IN EAST LONDON, UK. This project published a range of bilingual books and publications for children in Hackney and beyond.

STREETWORK 1984-1990THE CENTRE FOR URBAN STUDIES, LONDON+ HACKNEY ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION PROJECT, HACKNEY, UK + LEWIS COHEN URBAN STUDIES CENTRE, BRIGHTON, UK – program design and implementation for engaging children and young people in arts based activity engaging young people in cities.

PUBLISHING PRINTED BOOKS; I have published over 60 publications with children. These range from hand printed books in very small editions to commercially printed hardback books. The unique aspect of all of these books is that they are written and illustrated by children.

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