Brown, R and Spain, S 2013, Engaging Children as Cultural Citizens: reflections on the ArtPlay and South Kids Partnership, in Mapping South: Journeys in South – South Cultural Relations, Ed. Gardiner, A, The South Project, Victoria, Australia

ISBN: 978-0-646-59154-4

Public Papers:

Spain, S 2012, Realising the Potential of Artist-Child Learning Encounters at ArtPlay, Tate Modern, London UK available at

Conference papers:

Arts and Culture Best Practice in Asia-Pacific Region; Australia: ArtPlay, UNESCO Asia Pacific regional Arts and Culture Symposium 2013, Korean National comminssion for UNESCO, Arts in education Observatories, UNESCO Bangkok Seoul, 2013

Involvement in Public Research:

Key initiation and project development role in:

Brown, R and Jeanneret, N 2103, Behind ArtPlay’s Bright Orange Door, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, Australia ISBN: 978 0 7340 4818 9 at

Brown, R and Jeanneret, N 2103, The ACCESS program at ArtPlay and Signal

An Australia Council for the Arts Creative Community Partnership Initiative Report Summary

Brown, R and Jeanneret, N 2103, The Backyard Project: Animating the public outdoor environment through artful play

Brown, R and Jeanneret, N 2103, Evolution : Re-engaging young people through the visual arts,

Brown, R and Jeanneret, N 2103, Signal 37: Engaging young people as co-creators with artists

Brown, R and Jeanneret, N 2103, ArtPlay and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra City Beats,

ArtPlay is held as an international model of good practice in Inspirational Cultural programmes research, Innovation Unit, AND ( A new direction for Arts, culture and Young London) 2013 available at:

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