Digital Dilemmas – teacher and artist workshop weekend at Bundanon

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2012-20, Bundanon Trust, engagements, residencies
Digital Dilemmas- Teacher PD Notepad

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Bundanon teacher PD 2103

A Professional Development Day for teachers in July 2013 at The Bundanon Trust.

The development weekend will target the following areas:

  • Develop skills in iPad apps- Layer photographs, archival material and found objects
  • Learn how to incorporate varied source material using an iPad
  • Explore multiple outputs on a variety of substrates using inkjet and laser printing

iPad Visual Art Teacher Professional Development Weekend
Boyd Education Centre Riversdale

July 26-28 2013
The iPad is a potent and experimental tool for creation of artworks. Artist in Residence Simon Spain has developed the use of the iPad to create a new take on portraiture and uses app technologies to push the boundaries of the touch screen. Discover some of the digital dilemmas to be encountered during an immersive weekend at Bundanon Trust’s Riversdale property.
During the weekend you will create and consider: Is the physicality of the touch screen based art work fully realised whilst still on the screen? What varied outputs can be produced from screen based work?

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